Saturday, March 26, 2016

It's Avocet Day!

Ah yes, one of my favorite days at Fort De Soto in the Spring.  The American Avocets pass through and briefly hang out at the East Beach Turnaround during the third week of March.  I have been lucky 3 of the last 4 years to be there when they arrive.  Every birder in the park was excited about them and loved sharing the news with other birders along the way.

They are beautiful birds in their lovely spring breeding plumage and they put on a nice show, lifting off from the water and flying in a couple of circles around the beach and then landing again.  Other than the Avocets, though, there was not much birdy-ness in the rest of the park.  

The only other new species for the year list this week were a Brown Thrasher at Forest Run Park, a cute little park not far from John Chestnut Sr. Park, and a Spotted Sandpiper at the end of Bayview Avenue on the Clearwater side of the C.C.C.  Oh, for you non-Floridians, that is short for the Courtney Campbell Causeway.  I was there the morning following the Avocet's arrival, looking once again for Least Terns.  Didn't get one in the morning, so tried again this afternoon, checking out the fishing pier just north of the beach.  Lots of Skimmers, likely the same ones from this morning, but hiding out from the March Breakers who take over the beach each day once the sun comes up.

Intrepid and persistent birder that I am,(okay: obsessive), I shall return at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

        The American Avocets are here!




         A Pier of Black Skimmers:


            Amazing how big Piliated Woodpeckers really are when seen at eye level:


           Not often you see a Merganser out of the water:


      Spotted Sandpiper.  Too bad you can't see it cutely bobbing its tail,(should have taken it             with my iPhone's Live Photo setting-next time)

      And finally, did I mention I love balancing some rocks

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