Sunday, October 2, 2016

Blue Jays in Boston were great; Birding, not so much!

This trip to Boston for the Blue Jays was Big.  The baseball Blue Jays.  They needed a couple of wins and help from other teams to secure a home field advantage for the Wild Card Game and with a dramatic win on Sunday's regular season finale made it to the Playoffs for the second straight year. 

The excitement of the baseball team was tempered only slightly by the nearly nonstop rain which limited my free time birding to the Boston Public and Victory Gardens with no new species added to the list and the only warbler a common Yellowthroat.  However, if the Blue Jays baseball team wins on Tuesday, there will be at least one return trip to Houston, Texas and that is never a bad thing from a birding perspective.  

So I am still stuck at 399 with 3 months of birding still ahead, including a planned week long trip to end the year in the Rio Grande Valley to end the year. 


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