Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Well, I'm Back in Florida Again

One of my favorite lines in the original Jurassic Park movie comes when, after Dr. Grant rescues young Tim from a car that has been stuck in a tree, the car starts crashing through the branches as they race to the bottom.  At the last moment the car drops on top of them, but because glass sunroof of the car is gone, due to the T-Rex attack, they survive.  It is then that Tim says, "Well, we're back in the car again."

Well, after a month of non-stop birding and working in Florida, we got a nice side trip to Montreal, where, though I didn't see a Barrow's Goldeneye or the Barnacle Goose, I did have lovely looks at a single Bohemian Waxwing, amongst a flock of Cedar Waxwings.  I also lost my camera's memory card somewhere along the way, and thus no pictorial memories.  There are so many nice places to go birding, even within walking distance of downtown.  Though it was raining most of the time, it was not too cold. Parc du-Mount Royal, Parc des Voiles, St-Mathia-sur-Richelieu, were both great walk, and hikes, as, of course, the word "Mount" in the name would suggest.

Back here in Florida the Saint Petersburg Pier and Fort de Soto proved productive as I was able to add to my slowly growing year list with an Orchard Oriole and several White-eyed Vireos at the Fort, and a Northern Flicker across the street from Tropicana Field.  This morning I also got to enjoy a Peregrine Falcon riding the thermals over the pier. 

Next stop: A week at home in Toronto, followed by my first trip outside Ontario and Florida,(aside from just two days in Montreal), spending four days in Boston and three days in Baltimore.  I know of a couple of good places to bird in Boston, especially in the gardens of the Fens, close to Fenway Park.  It was there near the end of 2012 that I spent a lovely morning with a group of hard core Massachusetts birders hunting for and finding a MacGillvary's Wabler who had lost his way to Mexico during fall migration.  I've never birded in Baltimore, so it will be fun to discover new places and see what shows up in the early days of spring migration in the north east.

Photos from the week that was:

Another photo bombed bird photograph

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