Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Warbler Fest in Col. Sam Smith Park

I had a feeling it was coming.  There just had not yet been THE day of warbler activity here in Toronto.  I was gone a week and still they were waiting.  And when it did start, it only seemed to last a couple of hours.  Not much was going on in the park Monday morning, but with rain on Monday night I made sure to be at Col. Sam early Tuesday morning.  And oh, what a show.  There were birds everywhere!  It was not exactly a fallout, but there were more birds everywhere than I had seen in the park at any one time in years.  Within minutes I had seen a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Yellow-throated Vireo and a Canada Warbler.  

Over the next 90 minutes there were more than 40 species going to and fro amongst the bushes and tree.  There were Philadelphia, Blue-headed, Warblling and Red-eyed Vireo.  There were warblers gallor and I was able to add 12 new species from my two mornings of birding Col. Sam.  I found a couple of Lincoln's Sparrows and finally, my first Baltimore Oriole of the year, bringing my year list to 292 species.  It's a shame that more of the local birders I see nearly every day in Col. Sam during migration weren't there to share in the wealth of birds.  

This may be my last real migration birding in Ontario, as I am leaving tonight for 4 days in Minnesotta and 4 in New York.  But it was a great way to end my short trip home.  I've got some ideas of where to go within a half hour of where we are staying in Minneapolis.  There should be a good chance for Cerulian, Mourning and Golden-winged Warblers.  I'll check e-bird in the morning and head out early. 

As always, more adventures await discovery.

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