Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas from the Rio Grande Birding Trail: Whoopers

We decided to skip the traditional Christmas season in favor of birding along the Great Texas Birding Trail.  From Rockport for the endangered and lovely Whooping Crane, down to the Rio Grande Valley for Black-crested Titmouse and many birds in between.  Two goals prompted this trip.  One, selfish, I wanted to get myself in the top 100 on both the ABA and North America eBird Lists and the other to give Sue a chance to pass on our overall World Life List.  So far, just past the halfway portion of our trip, both goals have been met.  Still, there are more birds to get, including the elusive White-collared Seed Eater and the very rare Amazaon King Fisher up in Laredo.

We began the trip in Houston hoping to see bats fly at the Waugh Bridge Bat Colonly on our first evening in Texas.  Too cool that evening for the bats to fly so that spectical will have to wait for another time.  However our main goal was to go down to Rockport and take a boat trip for the Whooping Crane.  The guide and captain of the boat was fantastic and we saw 40 species along the way including at least 16 Whooping Cranes.


To be continued...

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